from engagements to baby announcements to christmas family photos

capturing the big, the small, and the in-between

what is lifestyle?

Well, great question! The way that I define lifestyle is capturing real, authentic moments between a family or a couple.  It's all about those real in-between moments that really show off the love between a family or a couple.  These are moments that are created by your family that you're going to want to remember later in life.  You're going to want to remember that little smile that your newborn makes within their first few days.  You're going to want to capture those little moments between you and your kids.  You're going to want to remember the way that you were feeling during your engagement pictures.  Lifestyle is all about pushing those posed moments to the side and capturing your relationship exactly how it is.  Just remember, it's all about the in-between :)

Yes, ma'am! Y'all, we all love a good posed moment.  They're perfect for Christmas cards and a nice framed photo on the wall.  I try to do about 70/30 for lifestyle sessions.  About 70% is unscripted, authentic, real moments and the other 30% will be posed moments.  My favorite moments to hang up on the wall are the authentic moments because those are the ones that bring back the memories.  Those are the ones that make you feel things.  Those are the ones that get those brain stems firing.  Your gallery is going to be filled with the posed, smiling at the camera moments, but it's also going to be filled with tickle parties, endless giggles, and the tender, sweet moments that we all have together.  Whether it's mama kisses or hubby kisses, the tender moments are just the best :)

Y'all, I know what you're thinking.  Getting these photos taken can be expensive, is it really worth it?  What I always tell my clients, photos are one of the only things on this planet that do not lose their value.  Your kids aren't going to look like this next year.  You and your partner won't look like this is 10 years.  Time is a thief y'all and we need photos are the one thing that freezes time and allows us to live in the past, even if it's just for a few moments.  I love looking at photos of my husband and I dating because I get little glimpse back into our dating relationship, even though we dated for such a short time,  It's like I'm transported back in time for just a few minutes.  Memories of that time play out in my head and it just makes me happy :)

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Lexi was amazing! She made our dream session come true. Our 1st shoot was rained out and she didn't hesitate to rebook us at a beautiful location. Lexi was fabulous with my small children, and that can be hard to find. She went above and beyond with our gallery. She even gave advice on where to print for best quality. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND!


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